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20% of Oil Produced is Traditionally Lost to Sludge.

The production of hydrocarbon sludge is the inevitable by-product of a successful industrial economy. This sludge is often a mixture of water, sediment and oil. Traditionally this sludge is considered waste and landfilled or incinerated at a huge loss to the economy and a huge impact on the environment.

It is estimated that over 3% of hydrocarbon production is lost to sedimentation during production, transport and storage. This sludge often contains up to 20% oil or 2 barrels of oil per tonne of waste which is typically landfilled or incinerated. Often this oil represents highly refined synthetic lubricants which may exceed $400/barrel. PS2 has the technology to recover and recycle these fluids back into your active drilling program. Drilling fluid recycling combined with crude recovery from production waste offers an immediate positive feedback to the bottom line of any drilling program.

PS2 believes that every problem has a solution.

Where TPS is not applied PS2 uses its Portable Oil Sludge Treatment and Recovery (POSTR) system. This proven technology uses a system of chemical, thermal and mechanical treatment to separate oil from sludge with high water content and recover every dollar of value possible for our clients. PS2 is currently working with POSTR in Zhoushan China with our partner the Nahai Group to recover crude oil from tank sediment at a rate of 15,000 tonnes per year.

Since 1996 the patented Thermal Phase Separation (TPS) technology has ben used around the world to safely treat hundreds of thousands of tonnes of oilfield waste while recovering millions of dollars in valuable hydrocarbons. With the unique Wolseley Facility located only 140 kilometres from the Bakken Basin why waste when you can recover.

PS2. Committed to resource recovery.