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70% of Oil Based Paint is Recoverable as Fuel

Oil is the basis of the synthetic fibers we all use like nylon; the foundation of the entire plastics industry and the basic component of simple paint. At PS2 we don’t see paint as waste we see it as energy. From paint waste alone, at full production, PS2 can recover up to 10 million litres of reusable oil. That’s enough oil to heat over 3,400 Canadian homes (from the National Oil-heat Research Alliance).

Oil based paint is up to 70% oil by volume. Using our proprietary TPS technology we can safely extract that oil producing a fuel not unlike No.2 Fuel Oil or Diesel - a product that can be readily used to offset the need for virgin hydrocarbons in co-generation plants, asphalt production, road tar emulsions and even paint production.

Changing Landfill Disposal Regulations in the industrial heartland of Ontario and increasing concerns over air emissions, greenhouse gas production and the maximization of our hydrocarbon resources demands an alternative for the management of oil based paint waste.  PS2 and the TPS technology have proven that there is a better, safer, more ecological and profitable way to manage oil based paint waste. 

In a consumer society that demands choice we literally have at our hands all the colours of the rainbow. At Phase Separation Solutions we see only green.