Senior Management

Tim Mahoney 
President and CEO

Mr. Mahoney is a former United States Congressman Timothy Mahoney (D-Florida), the former president of The Center for Innovative Entrepreneurship, as well as the co-founder and major shareholder of National Holdings Inc. and Caribou LLC. The firm advises Chief Executive Officers and Boards of Directors on how to identify and take advantage of strategic opportunities to maximize growth and increase shareholder value while minimizing systemic risk. Timothy Mahoney leverages his government experience on the Agriculture and Financial Services Committees and his 30-plus years as a successful entrepreneur to develop and finance executable business strategies. Caribou now has three locations: Washington, D.C.; Palm Beach, Florida; and Calgary, Canada.

Working for small businesses and large corporations, Timothy Mahoney and his Caribou partners have assisted a Fortune 100 defense contractor in entering the oil and gas industry, bringing a private and government consortium together to invest more than $20 million in the venture. Caribou also raised capital that enabled a public pharmaceutical enterprise to start Phase II trials and assisted a small, publicly held cleantech firm in the acquisition of a $200 million public-company subsidiary. 

Timothy Mahoney earned a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Business at West Virginia University in Morgantown and a Master of Business Administration at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Recognized as an expert in the global commercialization of technology, he worked in the computing business for 15 years, selling one venture to a top private-equity firm and taking two other companies public, earning regard as a pioneer in the personal computing business. Additionally, with his input, National Holdings has become a major financial-services firm with more than 500 employees across the United States, managing client assets in excess of $3 billion. In other professional pursuits, Timothy Mahoney was a rancher and member of the Florida Cattlemen's Association. 

Glenn Antle, B.Sc.Eng.
EVP International

Mr. Antle is a native of St. John's, Newfoundland and possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering (Civil) from the University of New Brunswick.  During his 15-year career in the environmental industry he has gained has extensive experience in the management of hazardous waste, remediation of contaminated sites, and oilfield environmental services.  He has been instrumental in the development of thermal, mechanical, and chemical environmental technologies for waste treatment for use in site remediation and oil and gas drilling. Prior to joining Phase Separation Solutions he held various positions within a major international oil field services company in research and development, technical services, operations, and business development.  He is named as a coinventor on a United States Patent for the Thermal Phase Separation technology.

Stephen Clarke, BA. CEA, CCEP
VP Business Development

Mr. Clarke has been involved in the hazardous waste, biomedical waste, oilfield solids control and thermal remediation sectors of the environmental industry since 1995 both in the public and private sectors. While employed with the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of the Environment he served as Secretary to the Provincial Round Table on the Environment and the Economy acting as liaison with its National counterpart and with the Irish-Newfoundland Business Development Partnership. He has been integral in the international success of the Canadian designed mobile thermal remediation system, TPS, having worked as Director of International Marketing for the technology with its developer SCC Environmental Group and with the Global Support Division of an oilfield service industry leader. As founder and Vice President of Phase Separation Solutions, Mr. Clarke has been central to the creation, implementation and growth of one of Canada's premier integrated thermal treatment facilities.