Our History

The Senior Management Team of Phase Separation Solutions originally developed the Thermal Phase Separation (TPS) technology in the 1990s and first deployed it in 1996 in Canada. Over the next ten years they continued to improve the technology and expand their geographic reach eventually working in over a dozen countries on 5 continents. 

PH2 Timeline

After many years working outside of Canada PS2 was created in 2005 building a National Treatment Facility in Western Canada to meet a national need for PCB soil treatment. Since 2005 contaminated soil and oilfield waste from across Canada and the United States has been treated at one of only three facilities in Canada licenced to treat PCB impacted soil.

In 2007 PS2 merged with West Mountain Environmental (TSX:WMT), a publicly traded company dedicated to the development and commercialization of the most advanced environmental technologies available.

From this investment emerged a more advanced Thermal Phase Separation (TPS) technology with improved energy efficiency, increased capacity and greater flexibility. Phase Separation Solutions expanded into the treatment of pharmaceutical, paint and oil production wastes for the recovery of oil. The process they patented for Pyrolitic Desorption and Depolymerization using the TPS was unique in the world for the recovery of oil from waste, non-recyclable plastics.

In 2010 PS2 made its first contacts in China.

Contacts in China led to partnerships with the Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences (NIES) and the Nahai Group in 2011 and with the Huafu Group in 2012. Also in 2012 PS2 began its first commercial projects in China with pesticide remediation projects in in the historical water town of Wujiang and in the heart of the beautiful city of Hangzhou. In 2013 PS2 completed the registration of its WOFE, Phase Shanghai Environmental Technology Co. Ltd becoming an official Chinese company and began reclamation of oil sludge from developments in western Shanxxi province. In 2014 PS2 began the reclamation of oil from tank waste through its partnership with Zhoushan Nahai Solid Waste and established itself firmly in China by becoming a financial and operating partner with oil services industry leader the Jereh Group of Yantai.

Since 2010 PS2 has refocused on two business lines:

  • Growth in its Chinese operations for site remediation and oilfield waste
  • Expanding its service for the Western Canadian oil and gas industry particularly supply of oil reclamation services from its Wolseley facility. This fully permitted Facility it located only 140 kilometers from the developing Bakken Basin in Southern Saskatchewan and is ideally suited for the treatment of production waste. The Facility has a capacity for 3000 tonnes of interior storage and over 60,000 litres of exterior tankage. PS2 offers a cost competitive option to landfilling with the added bonus of cost recovery from oil reclamation.