The company’s core values are responsibility, integrity and environmental protection which underpin our reputation, relationships and partnerships.

A Few Words About Us

Using patented non-incineration technology Phase Separation Solutions (PS2), sets the standard for the safe economical and environmentally responsible management of impacted soil and oil based sludge.

Landfill restrictions, public concern over impacted sites, tightening regulations on storage and disposal of waste, increasing liability costs, need to reduce the carbon foot print and a general deepening of corporate environmental responsibility have created a greatly increased demand for more effective and benign management options. 

PS2 offers proven reliability and operational flexibility. 

It is unique in North America offering the advantages of a fixed treatment facility with one of the most broad operational approvals for a facility of its type along with the mobile option of deploying the same state-of the-art technology at any site worldwide. Our management team has done this successfully on 5 continents since 1996. 

PS2 maintains the experience and expertise to provide, you, the client, with a turnkey solution.

Our team has developed remedial action plans for brownfield sites around the world and carried them through regulatory liaison and public consultation while providing integrated site delineation, excavation and transportation services.  Combining these services with direct access to a treatment facility offers many opportunities for cost savings and more efficient operations.